Transformation Programme

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Transformation Programme

With 1:1 Private Mentoring, Intuitive Healing & Coaching

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Transformation Programme

This Programme is very deep and works with understanding your soul purpose and any blockages that comes up in your life . You may be running various blocks subconsciously from living the life you desire. These blocks can manifest in your career , personal relationships and home

In these sessions inner child work , belief work is required and laser coaching to help you step into your fullest potential so you can turn your life around.
Hypnotherapy and regression may be required.

This package is suitable for people who are trying to take the next step in life perhaps business , perhaps they are feeling lack in abundance or struggling to take next big leap.. 

You may be aware you are here for a big purpose and started your journey of self development but you not seeing the results of getting into loops that is holding you from being truly in your ultimate power.

You may feel within you is this big force of light but what no matter what happens in life you are being challenged. From becoming what you truly want to be.


You may be on a spiritual path or perhaps feeling stuck.

Unsure of what               


In your sessions I work very indepth with your subconscious through various modalities. 

But first we need to discover and undestand what is your blue print and WHY you are here. 

Your unique special print ( USP ) in this I look at your design, your love language and your gifts .

I will look at your alignment in your purpose .. WHY ? Why are you not stepping into your power.. What is your block? What beliefs are running within you..? 

In this package you recieve

6 x 60 mins session on zoom

2 x  meditation recordings
4 x  face to face session


This is a total of 10 sessions this is a best value with high end results.. 


Triggers and Big transformation happens ..


What can you expect are results and fast results